Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    Ad Muncher 4.72

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    Ad Muncher 4.72

    Mesazh nga KosovaPower prej Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:59 pm

    What can Ad Muncher do for you?

    Block advertising in all browsers.
    Kill unwanted popups in all browsers.
    Speed up page loading, thanks to the missing ads and pop up windows.
    Prevent annoying site behaviors.
    Block many spyware, adware and dialer installers.
    Work immediately out of the box, thanks to the most extensive advertising filter list available.
    Remove banners in programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc.


    Check Download Links Code:
    uploading.com AdMuncher_v4.72.zip.html

    hotfile.com AdMuncher_v4.72.zip.html

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