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    USB Over Network 4.1.1

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    USB Over Network 4.1.1

    Mesazh nga KosovaPower prej Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:53 pm


    USB Over Network 4.1.1 | 5.36 MB

    USB Over Network - is a revolutionary software solution from FabulaTech. You do not need to move devices from one computer to another and you do not have to buy expensive switch. You can access the connected USB devices on a remote computer from your computer via LAN or Internet, depending on how to physically connect your own computer.This program consists of server and client. You need to install the server on a computer that is connected to a device that you need to physically distribute. You can install the client on all computers from which you will need to gain access to the distribution device.

    · General
    · Allows to work with remote USB devices as with local ones
    · Unlimited USB devices can be shared on server
    · Unlimited USB devices can be accessed from client
    · Wide variety of USB devices is supported
    · Auto-sharing of new USB devices
    · Auto-sharing exclude list
    · Auto-connecting of USB devices which got shared on the server
    · USB devices safe removal is supported
    · Compatibility
    · USB v1.1 and USB v2.0 compatible
    · Hardware Universal Serial Bus controllers compatible
    · Hyper-Threading Technology compatible
    · Multiprocessor platforms compatible
    · True Plug-and-Play
    · User Interface
    · User-friendly program interface
    · Hot USB devices sharing/unsharing (without computer reboot)
    · Developer API
    · USB devices sharing or connection from your application directly using dynamic link library (OEM license)
    Check Download Links Code:
    hotfile.com USB_over_Network_Version_4.1.1.rar.html

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