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Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    Process Hacker

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    Process Hacker

    Mesazh nga KosovaPower prej Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:27 am


    Process Hacker | 5.9MB

    Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer.
    Process Hacker is an application which helps users to view and manage the processes and their threads, modules and memory from their computers.

    Key features:

    · A simple, customizable tree view with highlighting showing you the processes running on your computer.
    · Detailed performance graphs.
    · A complete list of services and full control over them (start, stop, pause, resume and delete).
    · A list of network connections.
    · Comprehensive information for all processes: full process performance history, thread listing and stacks with dbghelp symbols, token information, module and mapped file information, virtual memory map, environment variables, handles, ...
    · Full control over all processes1, even processes protected by rootkits or security software. Its kernel-mode driver has unique abilities which allows it to terminate, suspend and resume all processes and threads, including software like IceSword, avast! anti-virus, AVG Antivirus, COMODO Internet Security, etc. (just to name a few).
    · Find hidden processes and terminate them. Process Hacker detects processes hidden by simple rootkits such as Hacker Defender and FU.
    · Easy DLL injection and unloading2 - simply right-click a process and select "Inject DLL" to inject and right-click a module and select "Unload" to unload!
    · Many more features...
    Check Download Links Code:
    uploading.com processhacker1390.zip.html

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