Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    Tuneup Utilities 2009

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    Tuneup Utilities 2009

    Mesazh nga KosovaPower prej Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:57 am

    Fast, effective Windows Optimization

    * One-click overview of your PC performance
    * Quick analysis of your PC’️s hardware, operating system, and programs
    * Real performance increases, real fast
    * Easy-to-understand help functions

    Intelligent Windows Optimization built in for every PC

    * Intelligent recommendations for your unique PC optimization
    * Identifies your personal settings and protects them
    * Highlights your PC’️s optimization potential, including unused programs and resource-draining settings
    * Recommends options and explains performance results before taking any action

    Safe Windows Optimization

    * Provides you with safe and effective optimization results
    * Corrects all mistakes created from previous tuning attempts
    * Comprehensive and easy rollback ability for any changes made to your PC

    Perfectly designed for your Windows Operating System

    * Automatically detects and configures for your operating system
    * Ideal for XP and Vista (32/64 bit) users
    * Designed to leverage the unique features within each operating system
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