Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    DirtyDingoXP v1.5

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    DirtyDingoXP v1.5

    Mesazh nga KosovaPower prej Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:50 am

    This boot screen is not included in this post
    !!!Welcome to DirtyDingoXP v1.5!!!

    Since v1.4 this release has had a major overhaul from the tweaks included to the applications included and much more!

    This new release contains all the major security updates from Microsoft as of 25th December 2008, WMP11, IE7 and Service Pack 3. It also has a new integrated theme (see screen shots below) and much more!!

    It also has a huge database of drivers which include the following;

    Chipset drivers
    CPU drivers
    Graphics drivers
    LAN drivers
    MASS Storage drivers (text-mode for SATA support)
    Sound drivers
    WLAN drivers

    This release will also pass all WGA checks and is fully updatable from the Windows Update website (you will need to use the WGA patch located at the bottom). It also now supports a full unattended setup once past the text-mode part of the install.

    **Please note** all regional settings are set to English (UK), to change this simply use the Control Panel>Regional Settings and >Keyboard settings.

    For more detailed information and complete instructions please read the .nfo file that comes with this download, any questions you may have are (hopefully) answered there.

    Size:-3.5GB approx
    HDD Space needed:-8.5GB needed for a complete install (this includes all the applications)
    MD5 Hash:-A2F1013354B03E22FB853AF90A503E45
    Recovery Record:-set to 10%

    Check Download Links Code:
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part01.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part02.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part03.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part04.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part05.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part06.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part07.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part08.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part09.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part10.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part11.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part12.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part13.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part14.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part15.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part16.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part17.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part18.rar
    rapidshare.com DirtyDingoXP_v1.5.part19.rar
    Here is a new WGA Patch which is made by IP-Predator this will allow you to update from the MS update site.

    Check Download Links Code:
    rapidshare.com wga1991-ddv2.exe
    Check Download Links Code:

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