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Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    Helium Music Manager 2009 Build 6910 Multilingual

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    Helium Music Manager 2009 Build 6910 Multilingual

    Mesazh nga RimnicCk. prej Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:35 am

    Helium Music Manager 2009 Build 6910 Multilingual

    Music Manager is a application which allows you to catalogue virtually
    any music collection; everything from mp3 files to audio CDs and from
    vinyl records to tapes. Helium Music Manager is easy to start working
    with Helium Music Manager and focusing on exploring your music
    collection without any unnecessary steps.
    With Helium Music Manager
    you can locate, play and edit the tags of your favorite music. Helium
    Music Manager contains all the functions you need, integrated into one
    tured player. Take advantage of smart playlists,
    equalizer and auto normalization support, multiple playlist management
    as well as the integrated audioscrobbler/last.fm support. Rate your
    songs instantly, when played, to quickly find your favourites later.
    the auto-enqueuing function to automatically add music to your active
    playlist when it reaches the end. Helium Music Manager also allows you
    to be your own web DJ stream the music you are playing over internet
    radio so others can share your music experience.
    Managing your music collection
    Music Manager automatically collects all available information from the
    tags of your music. information can be automatically downloaded from
    Internet sources, such as CDDB/Gracenote, FreeDB, Allmusic.com,
    Discogs.com and Google Image Search etc.
    Helium Music Manager’s editing tools allow you to quickly correct and complete information for your music tracks.
    Music Manager supports all common file formats, Audio CD’s as well as
    other media such as vinyl records and music cassettes.
    - MP2, MP3 (constant and variable bitrate)
    - MP4, M4P and M4B
    - Ogg Vorbis
    - Windows Media Audio
    - FLAC
    - APE
    - Audio CD
    - Other media (vinyl records and music cassettes etc)
    Key features

    Edit artist, album and track information by manually typing, by reading
    information from the filenames or by downloading information from
    Internet sources.
    • Automatically rename files and create folder structures based on the track information
    • Create and print reports
    • Add, update and download album pictures
    • Burn Audio CD’s
    • Create and manage playlists and smart playlists
    • Analyze the quality of MP3 files and repair files with problems
    What’s New
    • Apple firmware 2.x support (iPod Touch and iPhone).
    • At last we now offer support for new versions of iPhone and iPod Touch (firmware 2.x+)!
    • Revised Album Cover Manager

    The new album cover manager is a totally rewritten tool which will save
    hours of work when managing and downloading album covers for large
    • It will give you great control over which pictures
    that are assigned to your albums as well as a streamlined way to
    download new, change or remove covers.
    • Language support added in the Last.fm plug-in.
    • This gives you the ability to get information such as biography in your locale.
    • Album Artist Sorting corrections.
    • Key handling in Tag Editor (Sheet) corrected.
    • Drag and drop corrections.
    • Minor corrections in the File Rename Wizard.
    • Corrections to the Discogs plug-in.
    • Corrections to the freedb plug-in.
    • Corrections to Send To Category (allows more than 2 levels).
    • Improvements to the Browse Album in Music Browser toolbar button.
    NET Framework

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    hotfile.com Helium.Music.Manager.v2009.0.0.6910.rar.html

    uploading.com Helium.Music.Manager.v2009.0.0.6910.rar.html

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