Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked By L0wHacker
Hacked By L0wHacker

Hacked by L0wHacker

    Invisible Browsing 7.0

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    Invisible Browsing 7.0

    Mesazh nga RimnicCk. prej Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:17 am

    Invisible Browsing 7.0

    “You are not allowed to view the content of this website!”
    “You are not allowed to access this URL!”
    "You are not allowed to post comments on this forum!”
    "Users outside US are not allowed to view the content of this website!”
    “This news can only be seen by local visitors!”

    Are you sick and tired of all these messages? Don’t let them control your Internet access anymore!

    since the Internet came into our lives we have been extremely amazed
    about the amount of content (good or bad, depending on whose viewing
    it) available out there. But, like any happiness that only last a short
    period, many countries and corporations have tried to prevent their
    citizens from viewing specific online information. Their desire is to
    close your eyes, your ears and shut your mouths. Here comes the
    Internet censorship.

    It is well known that the Internet, as a
    medium, supports all kind of contents. The final objective of these
    censorship attempts is to try to block or control the content available
    on Internet. But, we are big enough to decide what news to read, what
    movie to see, what comment to post on a blog or what shows to view. It
    is your right to choose!

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