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Hacked By L0wHacker
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Hacked by L0wHacker

    Speed Test Pro Gold 1.0.71

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    Speed Test Pro Gold 1.0.71

    Mesazh nga RimnicCk. prej Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:13 am

    Speed Test Pro is a must have for EVERYONE that owns a computer.
    This Speed Test Meter has it all and allows you to test your full
    bandwidth speed completely automatically. Speed Testing: Testing your
    maximum throughput of your connection type. The best way to measure
    maximum throughput is to download a large file and measure the time it
    took to download and divide that into the size of the file downloaded.
    Test Pro does exactly that. No other product does this. They say you
    are measuring your speed, however they just measure the network
    chatter. Speed Test will do this also, however it has another option to
    do a full bandwidth test.

    Speed Test Pro Gold allows
    you to print your graphs and allows you unlimited sensors and nodes.
    You also get the Alert Wizard, which notifies you of any situation that
    you prefer. You can monitor your CPU usage, including systems with
    multiple processors, dual, quad or even more. Have you ever wondered if
    your website is up and running at all times of the day? Well Speed Test
    can ensure that your website is up to your standards at all times by
    monitoring your websites bandwidth speed, your websites response time,
    your websites connection time and even records all errors that your
    website reports. You can open all logs in Excel or use the built in
    feature to view logs within graphs and compare it to any other data.
    Testin your system, Internet, website and LAN performance all in one
    package with excellent features. This is a product that you cannot pass
    up. Try the freeware version, to test it out.

    The Ultimate Speed Test:
    - Speed Test (Actual Maximum speed)
    - Monitor Upload/Download transfer
    - Ping Testing - Website Downtime/Error monitoring
    - Website response time, connection time and bandwidth
    - QOS
    - WIFI Signal strength
    - LAN/WAN/Home network bandwidth testing
    - CPU Usage
    - Memory usage
    - Hard Drive space monitoring
    - Hard Drive Activity
    - Battery charge
    - System Uptime
    - Virtual Memory
    - Processes
    - Single process memory usage All these features plus much more.

    Alert wizard allows you to perform actions depending on your system
    performance. You can even print the graphs. You can view this data in
    line graphs, bar graphs, or even SysTray icons. All data can be logged
    and easily viewed in graphs or even opened in MS Excel. Speed Test is
    the only software that will actually test your maximum speed test by
    automatically downloading files on a regular basis, therefore
    maximizing your connection and showing your connection speed status.
    Don't believe all the others that says they test bandwidth, they don't,
    they are merely measuring data transfer and forcing you to download
    file to test your connection. Speed Test Pro will do that all for you.

    Speed Test, you will never have to run an online speed test ever again.
    Speed Test Pro does it all for you all day, week, month, or year long
    and logs the results so you can see your connection's full speed over
    time. If you have a website, you can even ensure that your website is
    up and running at all times while testing for errors, connection time,
    response time and even bandwidth.

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